Approach God for wealth and get cheated

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Speaker: Srila Prabhupada
Source: Depend on Krsna’s mercy

Damascus-panic2_wide-b0617d228b568519f4f48808d857eaca0f6246ce-s300-c85In communist country the innocent village people, they go to church and ask for bread, and when they come out of the church, the communist leader ask them, “Have you got bread?” So they say, “Now ask bread from us.” So they ask bread, “O, communist leader, give me bread.” So they supply immense quantity of bread: “Take as much as you like.” So then they ask, “Who has supplied you bread?” They say, the communist leader. In this way they propagate, “Now there is no use of going to the church for asking bread from God.” And they also practically see that “We, in the church we asked for bread. There was no supply of bread. And as soon as I prayed bread from the communist leader, there are so many breads.” But the innocent people, they do not know that this communist leader has supplied bread not from his father’s stock; it is from the stock of God. So they are innocent people. They do not know that actually bread is supplied by God because the ingredients of bread, namely the food grains, the wheat or the pulses, that is not made by communist leader. That is made by God.

Therefore the conclusion is that if we approach God for some material benefit, we may be cheated at some time.