Again become a mouse!

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Speaker: Srila Prabhupada
Source: Divinity, Demon & Devotee

Again become a mousePunar musiko bhava: “Again become a mouse.” You know this story? Punar musiko bhava. There is a story. There is a very nice story. One rat, mouse, he came to a saintly person. Everyone comes to saintly person for some blessing, you see. Real blessing they don’t want. Some material blessing. Real blessing, Krsna, they don’t want. If you give him some blessing that “You become very rich man and…” These… they’ll be very much pleased. are all very well, this. So this mouse also came and begged the saintly person, “Sir, I am in difficulty. If you give me some blessing?”

“What is that?”
“The cat chases after me always. I’m very unhappy.”
“So what do you want?”
“Now, if you make me a cat, then I can get relief from this.”
“All right, you become cat.” So he became cat.
So after few days, again he comes. “Sir, again I am in trouble.”
“What is that?”
“The dog is chasing me.” (laughter) Don’t laugh, hear seriously. “Dog is chasing me.”
“All right, then, what do you want?”
“Now, make me a tiger.”
“All right, you become a tiger.”
So when he became a tiger he was staring on the saintly person like this.
So he asked, “Why you are staring upon me? You want to eat me?”
So he again curses, punar musiko bhava: “Again you become mouse. Again you become mouse.”