I have made your qualifications

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Speaker: Radhanath Swami
Source: Offering to Srila Prabhupada

Gaudiya math’s biggest sanyasis were getting a lots of money to start centres. Here Prabhupada-observing-devotee-cook-in-kitchenare just some new devotees, some foreign hippies, who just became devotees, who were just struggling to follow the principles and chant their rounds, and they don’t have any money, all they have is the inspiration, the example of Prabhupada and they are starting centres, and there is hundreds and hundreds of people coming everywhere, transforming their lives, becoming devotees. How is that possible? And some of those people didn’t even last in their own Krsna consciousness. Of course, their service was an eternal glory, some of them fell away; but Prabhupada on Jaladuta prayed to be a puppet and because, he won so much affection, so much faith, and so much love from these people, they were willing to be his puppets and even without qualifications at all. They were able to do, what the greatest sanyasis could not, what the greatest scholars could not.

Prabhupada was asked, “What is our qualification to do all these things and to have all these things?” Prabhupada said, very humbly, he said “You have no qualifications; I’ve made your qualifications”. And he was giving the qualification – His desire to preach Krsna consciousness was manifesting in a big way in all of these cities. He sent people to Africa, he sent people to middle-east, to Iran, to muslim countries, to turkey, he sent people to South America, he sent people to Australia, eventually, he sent someone to China, he personally went to Russia and sent a girl, He sent a girl there, “go there and marry a person in Russia so you can stay there and preach”. And these were just, you know people, the only qualification they had, factually was – Prabhupada’s love for his spiritual master was empowering them to fulfill Srila Prabhupada’s mission. It’s really a miracle how it happened.