Real starvation

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Speaker: Srila Prabhupada
Source: Relieving Our Bodily Burden

Real starvation is of the soul. The soul is not getting spiritual food. Here, in this meeting, birdinthecagethis is meant for giving to the starving spirit soul. And as soon as you get some spiritual food, then we become happy. That is the situation. Yayatma suprasidati. Unless you get spiritual food there cannot be satisfaction of the real soul. The same example, within the cage there is the bird. If you simply wash the cage very nicely and cover it and paint it and the bird within the cage is crying, starving… What is this civilization? Similarly, we spirit soul, we have been encaged within this body, so our natural aspiration is to get freedom from this encagement. As much as the bird is struggling to get freedom from the cage. Similarly, we are also, we are not happy being encaged.

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