Srila Prabhupada’s daily routine in London

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Speaker: Yamuna devi
Source: Comes to England — The John and Yoko InterludeSP

His (Srila Prabhupada’s) schedule ran close to this:

1: 00 AM: Rises, chants japa and translates
3: 30 AM: Attends Aarti in his room, performed by either Purushottama or me
4: 30 AM: Attends Aarti, Srimad-Bhagavatam class, and kirtan in the main temple
6: 30 AM: Goes on a morning walk for about one hour, takes ayurvedic medicine and then a light breakfast (either Purushottama or I would go on the morning walk)
9: 00 AM: Chants kirtan or sings prayers alone in his room; sometimes he requests Purushottama and me to play instruments
10: 00 AM: Dictates letters, instructs devotees, or has guests
12: 00 PM: Takes a massage, bathes, then chants Gayatri mantra
1: 00 PM: Honors lunch prasadam, chants more rounds of japa and then rests
4: 30 PM: Takes a little fresh juice, frequently sits with devotees for informal talks
6: 30 PM: Attends evening aarti in his room— on occasion he respects a light meal; alternately goes to London or elsewhere for an engagement or has open visiting hours and
10: 30 to 11: 00 PM: Retires.