I am very happy

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Speaker: Srila Prabhupada
Source: Vedas, Guru And Supersoul

There is a story in the Bhagavata that once Indra, the king of heaven, he was condemnedguru-brihaspati-and-indra by his spiritual master, Brhaspati, that “You are so foolish. You should have become a hog.” So he became a hog. So after some days, when the throne of the heavenly kingdom was vacant, Brahma went to reclaim this hog, Indra, that “Come to your place.” So when the hog was requested that “You are Indra. Why you are suffering? Now you come. I have come to take you,” so the hog says, “Oh! I do not know what I am, Indra. I have got my responsibility. I cannot leave this place.” Just see. Even the hog — you can just imagine what is the standard of his living — he thinks also that “I am very happy. I am very happy.” The stool-eating and this nasty place, and “Oh, I have got a very comfortable life.”