Maya and Krsna are side by side

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Speaker: Srila Prabhupada
Source: Knot Between Matter And Spirit

greedangerAs soon as you deviate from devotional service, immediately the maya is standing. She’ll capture you. You can see practically. There is sunshine, and just next to the sunshine, there is darkness or shadow. So little deviation from the sunshine there is shadow. And little deviation from the shadow, you go to the sunshine. Both things are side by side, maya and Krsna. Maya means absence of Krsna. Shadow means absence of light, sunshine. So if you always keep in Krsna consciousness, there is no shadow of maya.

Krsna is just like sunshine and maya is just like darkness. So wherever there is sunshine, there cannot be any possibility of darkness. So you keep always yourself in Krsna consciousness. Then there is no possibility of maya. And maya means to engaged in fruitive activities.