Spiritual life is scientific

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Speaker: Srila Prabhupada
Source: Spiritual Life Is Scientific

lord-krsna-caitanyaSo bhagavat-tattva-vijnanam. Vijnana means science. It is not concoction, speculation. It is a science. Just like mathematics is a science: “Two plus two equal to four.” You cannot make two plus two equal to five according to your whims. No. Anywhere you go, it doesn’t matter. Because it is science, so either in America or in India or in England, everyone will accept “Two plus two equal to four.” That is science. Science is true everywhere. Not that “I can imagine my God according to my whims; you can imagine your God…” That is going on. No, how you can imagine? There is no question of imagine. This bhagavat-tattva-vijnanam, this truth, this science, can be understood by a person who is mukta-sanga. Mukta-sanga, freed from material association. He can understand. Mukta-sangasya jayate. And the condition is evam prasanna-manasah. When you are enlightened, engladdened… Because so long we are in the jurisdiction of ignorance and passion, there cannot be any jubilant. There cannot be any enlightenment. Therefore you have to come to the platform of goodness.