Come out to see the light

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Speaker: SrilaPrabhupada
Source: How to see the Absolute truth

Quotes-by-Chaitanya-Caritamrta-on-Krishna-and-MayaTo understand the Absolute Truth, even brahma-darsanam, Absolute Truth, you have come to the light, not in the darkness. If you want to see the sun at least, then you have come to the sunshine. Not that in the dark room, closing your doors, you can see sunshine. You have to come out. Tamasi ma jyotir gama. Therefore the Vedic injunction is “Don’t remain in the darkness. Come out to see the light.” Just like in the morning, somebody is sleeping, closing his doors and windows tightly, and he’s sleeping, snoring. Although it is ten o’clock, daytime, he thinks it is night going on. And he’s enjoying sleeping. This is darkness. Rascal. And, those who are advanced, they rise early in the morning at four o’clock: “Now there will be sunshine. Prepare.” That is the difference. The same human being: one is in the darkness, one is in the passion, and one is in the goodness. And if you come to the goodness, then you see, brahma-darsanam. You can understand what is Absolute Truth.