Show you are rich

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Speaker: Srila Prabhupada
Source: Impersonalists misguide people

thecounterfeitThere are many Vedantists in Vrndavana, but they do not come to see the temple, because they think themselves that they have become Krsna. That is the Vedanta, so-called Vedanta philosophy conclusion. But Bhagavata says that vimukta-maninah. “They are thinking that they have become liberated.” That is their concoction. Maninah. If somebody thinks that “I have become the richest man in the world,” although he has nothing to show… To become richest man, there must be some symptoms. But if a poor man says that “I am the richest man in the world,” so one should test him, whether he has got the complete riches of the world. So simply thinking, concocting, is one thing. And fact is another. Fact is that we are teeny, part and parcel of the Absolute Truth. But we are not actually absolute. We are relative. Relative truth. On the existence of the Absolute Truth, we are existing, but we have no independent existence, neither we have got independent knowledge. We are all dependent.