You take the body you want

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Speaker: Srila Prabhupada
Source: How to see the Absolute truth

Desire-PicIf you want, nature will give you facility. Prakrteh kriyamanani gunaih karmani sarvasah [Bg. 3.27]. Prakrti means nature. He’s giving, by nature. Just like, if you infect, if you become infected with some disease, so you’ll get that disease. It is nature’s way. If you touch fire, your finger will be burned. Not that nature has to make a particular arrangement. By nature it is there. Similarly, if you remain like cats and dogs, then by nature you’ll get the body of cats and dogs. There is no necessity of making separate attempt, “How shall I become a dog? How shall I become cat?” Prakrteh kriyamanani. Prakrti, nature, will give you. Prakrteh kriyamanani gunaih karmani sarvasah. How nature is helping? Nature, this material nature is matter. How it is being done, how matter is working? That is, answer is given in the Bhagavad-gita, that mayadhyaksena prakrtih suyate sa-caracaram [Bg. 9.10] “He’s acting under My direction.” God is giving direction. How he’s giving direction? Isvarah sarva-bhutanam hrd-dese [Bg. 18.61] — God is situated within your heart. When He sees that you are very much anxious to become a cat, a dog, He knows. He asks nature that, “Just give him a body of dog. He wants to become a dog. He wants to become a hog; give him a body of hog. He wants the body of a tree, he wants the body of god; give him the body of god.” Anything, you can take. You can have the body of a dog, or you can have the body of a god, as you want. Krsna, God is so kind. Whatever you want, you take.