Nothing is automatic

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Speaker:  Srila Prabhupada
Source: Subtle Cosmic Button-pusher

seed_to_treeSo here, asau gunamayair bhavair bhuta-suksmendriya atmabhih. This whole material creation is… There is a brain. It is not a so-called evasive reply, “Automatically.” What do you mean, “Automatically”? There must be somebody pushing the button, must be working. There is brain. That is really scientific study. Here, gunamayair bhavaih, by the three energies, three kind of energies, goodness, passion and ignorance, these gunamayi, these qualities of nature, bhuta-suksma indriya. Then there is creation of the ego, then creation of the intelligence, mind, then creation of sky, then creation of air, then creation of fire, then creation of water, then creation of land. Bhuta-suksmendriya. The objective of the senses, the senses are created, the sense enjoyment, objects are created, form is created, taste is created, smell is created. So there is great machinery. It is not that automatically it has come out. But behind all these energetic work… The energies, different energies are working.

Krsna’s energy is so powerful that He puts the potency in a seed. Bijo ‘ham sarva-bhutanam. Krsna says bija, means “seed,” sarva-bhutanam. “Whatever is coming out, being manifested, the seed, I am.” Means — “Seed, I am” — means “It is manufactured under My supervision.” Just find out the seed of a banyan tree, a small grain, like mustard seed. But you sow the seed and a big tree, gigantic tree, will come out. Unless the energetic tree is there within the seed, how it comes out? That is Krsna’s energy. That is Krsna, parasya saktir vividhaiva sruyate. His energy is so subtle that svabhaviki jnana-bala-kriya ca. Svabhaviki.

Now, from that seed, first of all, the trunk will come, the branches will come. Then the twigs will come, the leaves will come, and the fabrication of the leaf. Everything see, wonderful. Everything we see, wonderful. But svabhaviki, as if coming automatically, automatically.