Real enjoyment

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Speaker:  Srila Prabhupada
Source: Subtle Cosmic Button-pusher

1472736_661160550600985_1229478419_nActually, the enjoyment is in my mind. That is not enjoyment. That is not enjoyment. Real enjoyment is when I am free from this embodiment of five elements, gross elements, and three subtle elements. I have entered into this, and the action and reaction of these five gross elements, three subtle elements, I am enjoying. Actually, not enjoying. This is called maya. There is no enjoyment. It is enjoyment in the mind. The mind is also material creation. Real enjoyment is beyond these senses. Sukham atyantikam yat tad atindriya-grahyam. That is stated in the Bhagavad-gita: sukham atyantikam yat tat. The real happiness is not by these gross senses. By transcendental senses, we can enjoy sukham at…, real happiness. Therefore, because we are not in that platform of enjoying the transcendental senses, we are trying to enjoy by these gross senses, therefore we are becoming baffled and frustrated. This is the cause of frustration. Because that is not the platform of enjoyment.

Sukham atyantikam yat tad atindriya-gra… Atindriya. Atindriya means “beyond this.” It is covered. Covered senses, you cannot enjoy. Suppose I cover your tongue with some cloth and then I give you one rasagulla. Can you taste it? What you’ll taste? There are so many things. If you cover the senses, the real senses, and try to enjoy with that covering, what you’ll enjoy? That is not enjoyment. The…, it has to be uncovered… So you have to uncover. You have to discover. That discovering process is devotional service. The more you are engaged in devotional service, the more your senses become pure or uncovered.