Await Krsna’s mercy

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Speaker: Srila Prabhupada
Source: Demonic Communists

Prabhupada: Oh. Oh. We have got an idea of thunderbird. The bird flies in the, near the cloud in expectation of water, and they are not afraid of thunder. That is called cataka. That example is given by Rupa Gosvami. The cataka does not take water from ground. They will take water when it falls from the cloud. So in the beginning of every cloud there is thunder. So this bird, because they expecting water from the cloud, the cloud is giving him thunder, but still he does not, will not take water from ground.
Dhira Krsna: In what connection do the Goswamis use that example to illustrate?
Prabhupada: Example means a devotee will take mercy from Krsna, not from the material world. Even there is thunder, Krsna does not give mercy but puts him into difficulty, still, he will not take any mercy from the material world.