Example of attachment

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Speaker: Srila Prabhupada
Source: Increase your attachment to the Lord

So the temple is the facility how to become the first-class yogi and how to become the first-class devotee simply by increasing your attachment. This attachment, there is one example that one brahmana, he was daily seeing Lord Ramacandra and then he was breaking his fast. So Ramacandra was out of His station for some royal business. So this brahmana did not take even water seven days. So when Ramacandra returned, Laksmana informed Lord Ramacandra, “Here is Your devotee, My Lord. Because You were absent for seven days and he could not see You, therefore he did not take even water.” Ramacandra appreciated his devotion. So before Lord Ramacandra there was Sita-Rama Deity worshiped in the family of Dasaratha Maharaja’s family. So that Deity was kept in the room of Lord Ramacandra because Lord Ramacandra was personally present. So He advised Laksmana that “Give this brahmana this Deity.” And He advised him, “Brahmana, you worship this Deity, and when I am not in the station, your worshiping the Deity is as good as worshiping Me.” So the Deity worship is so long going on.