Everywhere is Vaikuntha

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Speakar: Srila Prabhupada
Source: Transcendental Television

So Krsna consciousness is such a thing. It is leading you to a standard where going you will forget all this nonsense. That is real life. Brahma-bhutah prasannatma [Bg. 18.54]. As soon as you come that state, then your symptom will be that you are jolly. So when you accept this material world in relationship with Krsna, you’ll taste that love of Godhead, even in this material world. Actually, material world means completely in forgetfulness of God, or Krsna. That is material world. Otherwise, if you are in full consciousness of Krsna, you’ll find only spiritual world, even in this material world. Consciousness — it is all consciousness. The same example. Just like the king and the bug is sitting on the same throne, but the bug knows that “My business is simply to get some blood.” That’s all. The king knows that “I have to rule. I am the ruler of this country.” So sitting on the same place, but the consciousness is different. Similarly, if you change your consciousness to Krsna consciousness, wherever you are, you are in Vaikuntha. Wherever, it doesn’t matter. Yes?