We are very insignificant

Speaker: Vaiyasaki dasa
Source: Radha-Damodara Vilasa

Tamal-Krishna-Goswami-with-Srila-PrabhupadaRecognizing Tamal Krsna’s organizational ability, Prabhupada spends a lot of time training him in management skills. Tamal begins to think that he is getting special attention beyond that of the other devotees. Whenever the spiritual master detects false pride in a disciple he is always quick to rectify the anartha. Prabhupada brings this up in a gentle way when Tamal brings over Muralidhara’s new painting of the Bhagavatam cover for approval.

As Prabhupada studies the painting, he begins to point out the different features of the creation for Tamal’s consideration. Pointing to Krsna, he

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