Karna deceives his guru Parshurama

Speaker: Gopal Jiu Publications
Source: Sri Krishna Kathamrita Bindu

karnaandparshuramaOne day, when Sri Parshurama experienced some fatigue due to fasting, he thought of taking rest. Out of affection, he took rest in Karna’s lap. At that time, a deadly stinging carnivorous insect, who would feed on the blood and flesh of others climbed onto the lap of Karna and pierced the leg of Karna with his stinger. Due to the wound caused by the sting, Karna’s leg started slowly bleeding. Karna did not move even a bit, although he was in much pain, for he did not want to wake

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Real tolerance – being dutiful in all circumstances

Speaker: Radhanath Swami
Source: Pure Devotional Service

One time a professor, scholar, Indian man asked Srila Prabhupada, “Krsna says inAbhimanyu_Vadh Bhagavad-Gita matra sparsas tu kaunteya (BG 2.14) yet we see Subhadra weeping when Abhimanyu was killed, Arjuna weeping after having heard the Bhagavad Gita. Why was he so disturbed? He wasn’t supposed to be disturbed. After all, body is a temporary thing, his soul wasn’t killed”. Srila Prabhupada said, “It is natural. The body is the medium by which we communicate with the soul. It is natural when parent(s) lose their child, they are going to feel the

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