Tiny experience

Speaker: Srila Prabhupada
Source: SB 6.1.1-2, Melbourne, May 22, 1975

Devotee: “It says in the scriptures that Lord Brahma rides on a swan. Do we take this to mean it’s a real swan, or is it symbolic?”
Prabhupada: “Not symbolic, it is fact. Why do you say symbolic?”
Devotee: “Because it’s rather unusual.”
Prabhupada: “Unusual? What experience have you got? (laughter) You have no experience. Have you got experience of other planetary systems, what is there? Your experience is very tiny. So you should not calculate Brahma’s life and other things by your tiny experience…Your experience is nothing. Therefore, you

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Krsna is self-effulgent

Speaker: Srila Prabhupada
Source: Paltry research work

lord-krishna4263Here we get the information. Why should we take so much trouble? Krsna says aham adir hi devanam: “I am the original of all demigods.” Just like Brahma. Brahma is the first demigod within this universe, but he is not original. Original is Krsna. Aham adir hi devanam maharsinam. So He says that He is the adi, adi-purusam. Brahma says adi-purusam, the original person. Govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami **. So He’s the adi-purusa, He’s the original source. Every Vedic literature declares, every authority declares. He comes Himself to declare, but still we

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I cannot grant you immortality

Speaker: Srila Prabhupada
Source: The eternal struggle

Brahma-approaches-HiranyakashipuHiranyakasipu wanted to become immortal, so he underwent such severe penances that the whole universe trembled. Lord Brahma had to come to pacify him “What do you want?”

Hiranyakasipu said, “I want to become immortal!”

Lord Brahma replied, “Although I have a very long duration of life, even I am not immortal, so I cannot grant you immortality.”

So although Brahma lives for trillions of years, still he has to die. Wherever you go within this material world, either in Brahma-loka or in Patala-loka, you have to die. That is the problem. Krsna

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I am very happy

Speaker: Srila Prabhupada
Source: Vedas, Guru And Supersoul

There is a story in the Bhagavata that once Indra, the king of heaven, he was condemnedguru-brihaspati-and-indra by his spiritual master, Brhaspati, that “You are so foolish. You should have become a hog.” So he became a hog. So after some days, when the throne of the heavenly kingdom was vacant, Brahma went to reclaim this hog, Indra, that “Come to your place.” So when the hog was requested that “You are Indra. Why you are suffering? Now you come. I have come to take you,” so the hog says, “Oh! I

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Supreme is Supreme

Source: SB 2.5.7

Nārada Muni accepted Brahmā as the Supreme due to Lord Brahmā’s wonderful acts in Brahma Speaks To Narada Municreation, but doubts arose in him when he saw that Lord Brahmā also worshiped some superior authority. The Supreme is supreme, and He has no worshipable superior. The ahaṅgrahopāsitā, or the one who worships himself with the idea of becoming God Himself, is misleading, but the intelligent disciple can at once detect that the Supreme God does not need to worship anyone, including Himself, in order to become God. Ahaṅgrahopāsanā may be one of the processes for transcendental realization, but the ahaṅgrahopāsitā can

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