Real enjoyment

Speaker:  Srila Prabhupada
Source: Subtle Cosmic Button-pusher

1472736_661160550600985_1229478419_nActually, the enjoyment is in my mind. That is not enjoyment. That is not enjoyment. Real enjoyment is when I am free from this embodiment of five elements, gross elements, and three subtle elements. I have entered into this, and the action and reaction of these five gross elements, three subtle elements, I am enjoying. Actually, not enjoying. This is called maya. There is no enjoyment. It is enjoyment in the mind. The mind is also material creation. Real enjoyment is beyond these senses. Sukham atyantikam yat tad atindriya-grahyam. That is stated in

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If Krsna is not satisfied we starve

Speaker: Srila Prabhupada
Source: Senses On Strike

Five sensesThere is a story in the Hitopadesa: Udarendriyanam. Udara. Udara means this belly, abdomen, and indriya means senses. Udarendriyanam. What is that? All the different parts of the body, hands, legs, fingers and everyone, they held a meeting, that “We are working day and night, and this rascal abdomen is sitting down and eating only. (laughter) He is doing nothing. We are collecting everything, and putting into the stomach, and he is eating, very…, sitting nice. So strike: ‘We shall not work.’ So strike.” Udara… Udara said, “All right, you strike. What can

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