Worshipping a devotee is better than worshipping the Lord

Speaker: Srila Prabhupada
Source: How To Become Very Dear To God

lordwithpandavasThere is a common word in English, “If you love me, love my dog.” That is very important. So Bhagavat-priyanam, one who is very dear to Krsna. If you love such a person, then Krsna is more pleased. Krsna is more pleased. Bhagavat-priyanam.
There is a version in the Puranas, Devi Purana. Parvati was asking questions to Lord Siva, and Lord Siva was replying. So the inquiry was “Which worship is the best? Lord Siva, or Brahma or Chandra?” There are so many demigods. Sometimes they are misunderstood that

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