Srila Prabhupada’s daily routine in London

Speaker: Yamuna devi
Source: Comes to England — The John and Yoko InterludeSP

His (Srila Prabhupada’s) schedule ran close to this:

1: 00 AM: Rises, chants japa and translates
3: 30 AM: Attends Aarti in his room, performed by either Purushottama or me
4: 30 AM: Attends Aarti, Srimad-Bhagavatam class, and kirtan in the main temple
6: 30 AM: Goes on a morning walk for about one hour, takes ayurvedic medicine and then a light breakfast (either Purushottama or I would go on the morning walk)
9: 00 AM: Chants kirtan or sings prayers alone in his room; sometimes

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Disciple should simply follow

Source: Yamuna Devi: A Life of Unalloyed Devotion

SrimatiYamunaDeviDasiwithprabhupadaMalati devi had been commissioned by Hansadutta das to arrange for large Deities for the Hamburg temple and had found a five-foot pair of Radha-Krishna Deities in Jaipur. After returning to Bombay and telling Srila Prabhupada about Them, he immediately wanted Them for Vrindavan, even though Yamuna had been painstakingly working on plans for the Deities who were eventually installed. She later used it to illustrate that the duty of the disciple is to follow the instructions of the Spiritual Master— in essence to flow with the waves of change.

Yamuna: if

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