Seperation from Krsna

Speaker:  Indradyumna Swami
Source:  Indradyumna Swami with Srila Prabhupada

Indradyumna Swami: “Srila Prabhupada you’ve mentioned several times in recent lectures that a pure devotee can see Krsna everywhere – that He’s never out of your vision. And at the same time in Siksastakam prayers Lord Chaitanya explains that, Govinda, I am feeling Your separation to be 12 years of more. I am feeling vacant in His absence.’ Could you explain this?”
Srila Prabhupada: “Yes. He’s playing how you can become mad without seeing Krsna. That is higher stage. It cannot be explained. But when you gradually go higher you’ll understand.”

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Brahmana and the Cobbler

Speaker: Srila Prabhupada
Source: Everything Is Resting On Krsna

Brahman_and_Cobbler_09Narada Muni used to visit Narayana every day. So when he was passing on the road, so one very learned brahmana and taking thrice bath and everything very nicely, he asked Narada Muni, “Oh, you are going to Lord. Will you inquire when I shall get my salvation?” “All right. I shall ask.” And then another cobbler, he was under the tree, sewing the shoes, old shoes. He also saw Narada Muni. He also inquired, “Will you kindly inquire from God when my salvation is…?” Now, when he inquired Krsna, Narayana…

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Two things in parallel

Speaker: Srila Prabhupada
Source: Knot Between Matter And Spirit

download (4)Therefore two things must go on in parallel lines. One side, a person should cultivate Krsna consciousness and, another side, he should try to give up all the unwanted things. That will help him. You cannot continue both the things. Just like when a person is diseased, he’s given medicine. At the same time, he has to act, not to take this, not to take that. That is the way of treatment. Not that whatever you like, you can eat; whatever you like, you can do, at the same time you

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SB 1.2.18-19: The two bhagavatas

SB 1.2.18: By regular attendance in classes on the Bhāgavatam and by rendering of service to the pure devotee, all that is troublesome to the heart is almost completelywpid-staff_prabhupada_books2 destroyed, and loving service unto the Personality of Godhead, who is praised with transcendental songs, is established as an irrevocable fact.

Here is the remedy for eliminating all inauspicious things within the heart, which are considered to be obstacles in the path of self-realization. The remedy is the association of the Bhāgavatas. There are two types of Bhāgavatas, namely the book Bhāgavata and the devotee Bhāgavata. Both the Bhāgavatas are competent remedies, and both of them or either of them can be good enough to eliminate the obstacles. A devotee Bhāgavata is as good as the book Bhāgavata because the devotee Bhāgavata leads his life in terms of the book Bhāgavata and the book Bhāgavata is full of information about the Personality of Godhead and His pure devotees, who are also Bhāgavatas. Bhāgavata book and person are identical.

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We become what we associate with

Speaker: Radhanath Swami
Source: Power of Inquiry-1

ironrodinfireWe become what we associate with. If we associate with impure people, impure activities, impure thoughts, we become polluted. If we associate with people who are pure, activities that are pure, and thoughts that are pure, we become purified. Srila Prabhupada, our guru, gave the example of an iron rod. If we put it in fire, it becomes red and hot like fire; and if you touch it, you’ll be burnt the same way as when you touch the fire directly. That is the power of association. But if we put that same

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Five principles that awaken one’s love for Krsna

Source: CC Madhya 22.128

5 PrinciplesThe five potent ways that awaken one’s dormant love for Krsna, as given by Caitanya mahaprabhu are:

  1. Association of devotees
  2. Chanting the holy name of the Lord
  3. Hearing Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam
  4. Residing at Mathurā
  5. Worshiping the Deity with faith and veneration.

‘The power of these five principles is very wonderful and difficult to understand. Even without faith in them, a person who is offenseless can awaken his dormant love of Kṛṣṇa simply by being a little connected with them.’ (CC Madhya 22.133)

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