Show you are rich

Speaker: Srila Prabhupada
Source: Impersonalists misguide people

thecounterfeitThere are many Vedantists in Vrndavana, but they do not come to see the temple, because they think themselves that they have become Krsna. That is the Vedanta, so-called Vedanta philosophy conclusion. But Bhagavata says that vimukta-maninah. “They are thinking that they have become liberated.” That is their concoction. Maninah. If somebody thinks that “I have become the richest man in the world,” although he has nothing to show… To become richest man, there must be some symptoms. But if a poor man says that “I am the richest man in the world,”

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Lord Caitanya being called as God

Source: SB 1.2.16 Purport

mahaprabhu4The servants of God urge people to become devotees of the Lord. They never tolerate being called God. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu was God Himself according to the indication of the revealed scriptures, but He played the part of a devotee. People who knew Him to be God addressed Him as God, but He used to block His ears with His hands and chant the name of Lord Visnu. He strongly protested against being called God, although undoubtedly He was God Himself. The Lord behaves so to warn us against unscrupulous men, who take pleasure in

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Supreme is Supreme

Source: SB 2.5.7

Nārada Muni accepted Brahmā as the Supreme due to Lord Brahmā’s wonderful acts in Brahma Speaks To Narada Municreation, but doubts arose in him when he saw that Lord Brahmā also worshiped some superior authority. The Supreme is supreme, and He has no worshipable superior. The ahaṅgrahopāsitā, or the one who worships himself with the idea of becoming God Himself, is misleading, but the intelligent disciple can at once detect that the Supreme God does not need to worship anyone, including Himself, in order to become God. Ahaṅgrahopāsanā may be one of the processes for transcendental realization, but the ahaṅgrahopāsitā can

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